Why use an Event Planner?

EVENT – something that happens or is regarded as happening; an occurrence, esp. one of some importance.

PLANNING – a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc. developed in advance.

COORDINATION – harmonious combination of interaction.

MANAGEMENT – the act or manner of managing, handling, direction or control.

A Professional Event Planner carries many names; Event Planner, Event Coordinator, Event Manager, etc, however, they all have one main objective, to produce an event that exceeds both client and guest expectations by going beyond the details of the event itself.

A Professional Event Planner is a passionate individual. Creativity, attention to detail, multitasking abilities, and professionalism are only a few of the highly recognized traits of a true Event Planner. Before timelines are determined or venues are chosen, before menus are selected and décor colors are designed, there are countless objectives to be determined, proposals to be written, vendors to be contacted, contracts to be negotiated and safety concerns to be addressed. It is a full time job that we, as professionals take very seriously and never take for granted. Expecting the unexpected is not to come as a surprise; it is considered as a possibility and always prepared for in advance.

When planning an event, many details need to be addressed. Venue and reception location, menus, entertainment, décor, linen choices, etc. are issues to be considered when planning a special event. Simply opening a phone book and making phone calls to find vendors could be an invitation to disaster. You have one opportunity to plan the perfect event and there are no re-takes. You cannot predict how your vendors will perform and this could be a costly mistake. A Professional Event Planner spends years cultivating relationships with reputable vendors in the industry and can assure reliability, professionalism, and satisfaction. A support vendor is a reflection of the Special Event Planner themselves, therefore they will only work with the best.

Many feel the cost of hiring a Corporate Party Planner will cause them to exceed their budget. On the contrary, hiring a Professional Event Planner will not only keep you within budget but will also save you money. There are many variations as to how an Event Planner will charge for his/her services. Some will charge a flat fee, some will charge an hourly fee, while others will charge a percentage fee. No matter how a Planner determines his/her fees, the end result is “savings”. A Professional Event Planner has a large network. Negotiating rates and contracts is a key part of our business. Many times, a Professional Event Planner can negotiate a much lower rate for a Client simply because of who he/she is. Knowing the market and knowing the vendors saves you time and saves you money. For example, you may contact a venue that charges a rental fee of $3000 for their facility. The Event Planner may have a wonderful reputation with this venue and has brought much business to this facility, therefore, the negotiated rate that the Event Planner can obtain is $2000. If the Event Planner charges a fee of 20% for the coordination service, this is a cost to you of only $400. For this one aspect of planning this one event, you already saved $600 by using the Event Planner vs. going directly through the venue on your own. The same scenarios will hold true for hiring entertainment, caterers, florists, etc. Knowing who you are doing business with and what they can do for you is the beginning of a successful event. The goal of an Event Planner is to not only save you time and hassle, but also to save you money.

Time is valuable. Time is precious . Time is priceless. Hiring a Professional Event Planner to some may be a luxury, but to others it is a necessity. Our goal, as Professional Event Planners, is to create an extraordinary event that is beyond your expectations. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the moment. Leave all the planning, paperwork, negotiations, and details to us. After all, it is what we love to do!

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