Theme vs. No Theme

When planning a special event, there are so many details to attend to. Where should the event be held, what type of food should be served, what type of entertainment should be hired, what colors will look best, etc, etc. The questions could be endless and the work involved could also be endless. You also have to consider, how many guests will actually attend the special event and will my time and money truly be worth it?

The main goal when planning an event or party is to have a successful gathering. You want your guests to enjoy the festivities and you want it to be rewarding. You want them to look forward to the next special event or party that you host. So how can this be achieved? Consider choosing a theme for your event.

For example. Let’s say you are planning a company picnic and it will be held during the summer months so your employee’s can bring their families as well. During the summer months, people will go to on average of 4 picnic events. Most likely, the standard, hotdogs and hamburgers, volleyball and horseshoes. What can you do to make your picnic event more exciting? How can you make guests want to come to your special event? The answer is this……A THEME!

By choosing a theme, you eliminate many of the hassles and headaches of the how to’s and what if’s. You also increase the possibility of having a greater outcome of guests therefore making all your time and effort well spent. For example, let’s revisit the company picnic listed above. The past 5 years, your company has blocked off the parking lot at your place of employment and cooked hamburgers and hotdogs and had team volleyball and a clown for the kids. I would guess, that each year, the possibility of the guest count decreasing is quite probable. Why? Because your guests have been there and done that. This year, however, you have chosen to do a theme for your party. You now have chosen to do a Wild West Ho-Down and everything will be coordinated around this theme. Your venue could be a local ranch or stable, your food could be served via a Chuck wagon, your entertainment could be a bucking mechanical bull ride or a trackless train ride for the kids or a true Wild West Shoot Out with authentic actors and actresses. You can ask your guests to come dressed in proper themed attire, your giveaways can be bags of loot filled with Wild West goodies, a photo op can be setup for guests to have an “Old Time” photo made to remember the celebration, a band teaching guests how to square dance can entertain throughout the day. And the list can go on and on and on for theme party ideas.

By offering a theme party, you offer your guests just a bit more than the ordinary. You offer them something unique and you offer them a memory. You will have a greater outcome for your event and your guests will be counting the days until next year’s special event. The question floating around the office will be, “I wonder what theme party they will do this year!” Keep in mind, that many themed special events also can offer many various types of interaction for your guests as well. For example, the trackless train or a bucking bull ride. Having something at an event to entertain your guests will surely keep your guests there through the duration of the event. The last thing you want is for your guests to leave only 30 minutes after they have arrived because they simply have had plenty to eat and have talked to enough people. Many guests will only come simply to say they did. Give your guests fun and variety and you truly give them a reason to stay.

No matter what your budget, no matter how large or small your special event or party will be, a theme is always the best possibility for success. Let us assist you in the party planning process. Themed events are our specialty and our creativity is endless. Your event will truly be the talk of the town!

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