Fundraising Casino Events

Having a Casino Event as a Fundraising Event is not only fun but it can also be very profitable. There are many options available when trying to raise funds with a special event.

1. Sponsorship

A quick and easy way to earn funds is through sponsorship. Persons or Companies can make a donation or “sponsor” a table of their choice. In return, they will receive a tent card on the table promoting their business and/or service at your special event. This is also tax deductible for the sponsor. They can also sponsor features of the event, ie. Décor, entertainment, linens, etc.

2. Ticket Sales

Charging an entry fee or purchasing a ticket for the event is a very simple way to contribute to the casino theme fundraiser. Depending on the inclusions of your event, ie. Food, Bar, Entertainment, etc. will help you determine the cost of admission to your special casino themed event. If you sell tickets in advance, offer a small discount as an incentive. If admission is purchased at the door, make the cost slightly higher. People are always looking for a bargain. The industry tends to generate a 10% additional profit for early ticket sales.

3. Volunteer Vendors

Ask around and see if anyone knows of persons or groups that would be interested in donating their service for the themed event. For example, a band or DJ, caterer or restaurant. In return, each vendor will receive acknowledgement in corresponding advertisement for the event and signage that may be used for the event. You’ll be surprised how many people will be happy to participate for a cause! If you have to rent tables or chairs, ask for volunteers in your group to come early to assist with setup rather than paying the vendor a setup fee.

4. Cash Bar

Rather than offering an “open bar”, which is a cash guzzler, offer a Cash Bar. If you feel you need to offer any free drinks, simply supply 1 or 2 drink tickets with prepaid admission and any additional drinks can be purchased for a fee. You can slightly up the price on the purchase of drinks to make an extra profit. Using “cocktail waitresses” is also an additional incentive for guests to purchase additional drinks. Offer a “signature drink” special to the occasion and if purchased, an additional amount will be donated to the cause.

5. Silent or Live Auction

An auction is most likely going to be your most profitable way to raise funds at a special event. The key is to advertise and market the auction and items available well in advance. Be sure people know what will be available and it might just bring in more guests than you anticipate. All items used in an auction are donated, therefore, there is no cost to you! Statistics have shown that a “live” auction will tend to generate about 20% more in profits than a “silent” auction simply because it is highly interactive and very competitive. People like to feel like they have control and many times will stop at nothing to have what they want! Using a live auctioneer will not only help you increase the bidding but will also keep the auction flowing at a generous pace during the casino party. Donations can be made by hotels offering free stays, restaurants offering free meals, clubs offering free classes, etc, etc. and of course, material items including gift cards, electronics, sporting goods, autographed memorabilia, etc. Asking merchants or retailers for a service is very lucrative because it costs them little or nothing. For example, a restaurant may offer a romantic dinner for two or an athletic club may offer a one week free workout program or a golf club may offer a weekend of unlimited golf. These are services and are very easy for merchants to offer. If the merchant is an organization where people can join, make an arrangement with the merchant that if any of your guests join the club or facility, that the merchant will make a small donation in their name in exchange for the membership. For example, John buys the unlimited weekend golf item at your auction and after visiting the club, decides he would like to join the club and become a member. In exchange for John signing up for a year membership at the club, the club will make a donation in their name in return for the membership. It is a WIN-WIN situation for both your charity and the club!

6. Photo Opportunities

If you or anyone in your group knows a celebrity or someone of importance to your group, don’t hesitate to ask that person to be a part of your fundraiser or special event. Set up a photo opportunity for the guests to have their photo taken with this person for a small donation. Not only does the celebrity get visibility, but your charity earns more money! Be sure to advertise this person or persons! If you have Andy Roddick attending your event for photo ops, and you advertise it in advance, not only do you generate more pre-ticket sales but you have also just generated more funds with photo ops! And, you can offer something in the auction in coordination with this and you then have a bigger incentive for higher donations! This is 3 opportunities to raise money with one volunteer!If you are doing a theme party, have guests dress according to the theme and offer photos for a fee. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer for this, simply having someone with a little experience with taking photos and there you go! There are many services now that you can download photos onto the internet and guests can preview and purchase on-line. There is a small fee for this service, however, if you raise the price of the photos, slightly, you can cover this cost and possibly earn additional money with this service.
The sky is the limit when planning a fundraiser! There are no right or wrong ways of doing things or a fun special event, simply being creative and ambitious will do it! The most important key to a successful fundraising event is advertise, advertise, advertise ,market, market, market and ask, ask, ask. Many times people have to see things and hear things several times before it truly sinks in. Don’t be shy and you will be surprised at what you can achieve!

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